10 Best Mini Fridge with Lock 2024 – For Kitchen or Bedroom

Mini fridges can come in handy when you are at a hostel or living in a small one-room apartment. Well, imagine you came back to your office or hostel room, and all the food is gone.

You can probably save yourself from this situation by buying a mini-fridge with a lock. It is a pretty different yet beneficial concept when it comes to refrigerators.

If you don’t know much about mini-fridges, then you are at the right place. Here we have some of the best and most reliable mini-fridges with locks for 2024 to help you solve the issue mentioned above.

Believe me, if you are not lucky enough to have polite roommates or office colleagues who don’t even bother to ask you before using your fridge or taking your food or drinks, the mini fridges with locks can be a savior for all of your favorite snacks, drinks, or even medicines.

Well, I don’t mean that you shouldn’t share, but at least other people will ask you before taking your food or beverages. So, just upgrade your old miniature fridge with a brand new Mini fridge with an excellent lock system this year.

Top 5 Picks Comparison

List of Top Rated Mini Fridges with Lock

These mini-fridges cannot be helpful just inside the house or at the office, instead, you take one of these with you on long road trips, especially when it is summer and the route you are going is not inhabited.

You can put your favorite drinks and sweets in the fridge and lock it up so the temperature within it will remain constant for a long time without any power.

The locked door gives you that added advantage that your stuff will stay intact and will not spread all over your car trunk. So, here is the list of best Mini Fridges with locks for 2024.

1. WHYNTER CUF 110B Energy star Upright Lock Freezer

Whynter CUF-110B Mini Fridge

Whynter CUF 110B Energy Star is the Best Mini fridge with a lock for 2024 due to the fantastic features it offers. If you search for a miniature fridge for your workspace, bedroom, or kitchen, then the Whynter CUF 110B Energy star can be the best option for you.

It is befitting for small apartments, hostels, hotels, and offices. Its energy-saving capacity acts as a cherry on the top.

When buying a mini-fridge, the essential thing to check is its size and capacity. The Whynter CUF 110B Energy star has a total capacity of 1.1 cubic meters which is sufficient to use for a single person or to keep beverages and snacks.

The outer body has a width of 18.5 inches, 17.7 inches in diameter, and 19.5 inches in height. The internal storage system has a width of 13.5 inches, size is 13.8 inches, and the diameter is 12.7 inches.

It has a voltage of 115 volts. The compressor is R600a which has a remarkable capacity for cooling.

It is a freestanding fridge. You have to defrost it manually before cleaning. It comes with a reversible door, so you can decide how to install it. The concealed recessed handles give it a nice smooth look. Another essential feature that makes it super suitable for rooms is that it does not produce many sounds as it has a noise level of fewer than 42 decibels.

It is manufactured in China and is made up of steel. It weighs 36 pounds. You can adjust a thermostat manually to control the internal temperature from -2 to -10 Fahrenheit according to the type of food you have stocked in the fridge.

There is one wired shelf that you can remove to add more storage to your Freezer. It comes with a lock system so your food will be secure. It is certified, and Energy Star rated as it has the energy-saving ability and consumes little power, even less than light, so it is very affordable for students also.

  • Low energy consumption
  • Reversible door
  • Low noise
  • Manual temperature adjustment
  • Sleek design
  • Lock system
  • Heavy
  • Cannot carry
  • No battery or power backup


WHYNTER CUF 110B Energy star 1.1 Cubic Feet Upright Lock Freezer is small, suitable for small spaces. It is affordable and has a low power consumption. It has a sleek design and does not look ugly when kept in a room.

The reversible door allows you to install it according to your convenience. It is the best combination of performance and affordability. Because of its low power consumption, it is recommended for students and large hoteling systems as they will need one in every room.

2. Danby 120 Can Beverage Center Stainless Steel door fridge

Danby Beverage Fridge

If you are fond of gatherings and often invite your friends and family over to your place, then you must have enough storage to stock excellent refreshing beverages for them. Your regular conventional fridge cannot have the space to hold up your drinks along with other things.

So, you need to have a Danby 120 Can Beverage Center Stainless Steel door fridge in your gaming room or home theatre so you can serve your guests some fantastic and chilling drinks.

Danby 120 Can Beverage Center Stainless Steel door fridge is perfect for storing drinks due to its tremendous capacity to store upto 120 cans. It has a width of 19.75inches, a height of 17.86 inches, and a diameter of 33.69 inches.

Its weight is 68.6 pounds which are relatively more minor than its capacity, but it is still not that easy to carry but still requires less effort and space than a large conventional fridge. There are four wire shelves, so you can place as many cans as you want, upto 120.

It has a stand-alone form factor, so it operates independently. It has a storage capacity of 3.3 cubic meters which is a lot to store cans. It requires a voltage of 120 Volts. It has a mechanical thermostat that ranges from 43 to 57 Fahrenheit so that you can adjust it according to your preferences. It has a reversible door hinge to change during installation. The door has recessed handles on the side, so its overall look is not affected.

One of the other appreciable features of the Danby 120 Can Beverage Center Stainless Steel door fridge is it is automatic defrost, so you don’t have to do it manually. It has a black metallic body, but as it is designed to be placed in game rooms and home theaters, its door is made up of glass and has a steel trim for boundary support.

It has a lock system in the center bottom of the door. It has a blue LED light with a low energy consumption of 368 kWh per year. It does not turn on or off with the door. The light gives a nice look to the fridge.

  • Smooth Design
  • Glassdoor
  • LED light
  • Amazing storage capacity
  • Consumes less energy
  • Heavy
  • It does not get cool enough
  • High noise level


Danby 120 Can Beverage Center Stainless Steel door fridge is something that will not only save your space but also give you more storage. It has an excellent design, and the blue LED light will surely add more spark to your theatre or room.

The glass door makes all the cans visible so guests can select one easily. It offers you a lot of capacity to store enough drinks for your guests.

3. Haier HBCN05FVS 150-Can Beverage Center

Whynter CUF-110B Mini Fridge (2)

Well, if you are not a fan of see-through glass doors and don’t want others to know what is inside, but you are a beverage lover and need to stock them for yourself, then don’t worry. We have something for you.

Suppose you don’t like sharing your drink but still have to because your colleagues ask for it as they can see what you have inside, then you should get a Haier HBCN05FVS 150-Can Beverage Center.

Haier HBCN05FVS 150-Can Beverage Center is one of the most sophisticated-looking mini-fridges on the list. It can compliment office setup. Its size also makes it suitable for workplaces as it does not require a lot of space. Haier has a width of 21.2 inches, a height of 20.5 inches, and 31.4 inches. It weighs 72.5 pounds because of its high capacity. It can store upto 150 standard cans of 340 milliliters.

The black body is made of aluminum, and the door is made of black glass, which gives it a unique design. The reversible glass door has recessed handles, so you can just pull to open the door. It has a lock system to keep your favorites safe and secure. It has four wired shelves so you can arrange your cans easily on them.

All four shelves are coated with vinyl, making them insulating and protecting against moisture, corrosion, and scratches. You can place your cans and bottles on these racks so you will have more space and an arranged look. The last shelf is a sliding shelf, so it is convenient to get your drink. It has an adjustable thermostat, and an automatic defrost.

  • Black glass door
  • 150 cans storage
  • Aluminum body
  • Vinyl-coated rack
  • The cooling system can be improved
  • Glassdoor is prone to breakage


Haier HBCN05FVS 150-Can Beverage Center has a classy design and is sleek overall. You can store as much as you want. The coated shelves are more durable, and you can even remove the lower bracket if you’re going to.

You can indeed have one for your rooms for summers. You can get a can from it right away and don’t have to go all the way to the kitchen.

4. Sunpentown Upright Freezer with Energy Star-Stainless Steel

Sunpentown Upright Freezer

Sunpentown UF-114SS 1.1 cu. ft is the actual depiction of a mini-fridge. It has a fantastic design and style. Sunpentown is a well-established brand that offers fantastic products at super affordable prices.

Their products are famous for being durable. Suppose you don’t have enough space for the fridges mentioned above, then Sunpentown UF-114SS 1.1 cu. ft is the best choice.

You can easily place one on your kitchen’s countertop or put one inside your office cabinet. It is effortless to adjust when it comes to small spaces. The Sunpentown UF-114SS is 18.5 inches in width, 17.5 inches in height, and 19.38 inches in diameter. It is lighter than the products mentioned above and weighs 41.9 pounds. So you can move it quickly.

It is an upright freezer with a plastic body with seamless grey and black stripes. It has an internal storage capacity of 1.1 cubic feet and enables you to store your drinks, juices, and snacks.

It is a freestanding freezer with manual defrost, so you can get rid of the extra ice build-up which occupies your space. The door is made up of stainless steel, which makes it strong and helps it protect from breakage.

Sunpentown UF-114SS 1.1 cu.ft. Upright Freezer is a freestanding freezer, which requires a voltage of 120 Volts. It comes with a reversible door with a recessed handle.

It has a single wired shelf which you can remove for adding space. It has an energy star certificate as it requires very little energy and uses around 215 kWh per year. It also has a thermostat that you can manually adjust. The thermostat ranges from 32 to 0 Fahrenheit, which shows its effective cooling capacity.

  • Manual defrost
  • Automatic control
  • Stylish design
  • Compact size
  • Energy star
  • Noisy
  • Small storage space


Sunpentown UF-114SS 1.1 cu.ft. Upright Freezer is the best mini fridge due to its unique cooling system, affordable price, and energy-saving capability.

You will love to have one in your working space, study room, and kitchenette. It will give you some additional storage and that too without occupying much space. It will definitely not affect your electricity bill due to its energy efficiency.

5. Danby DAR044A6DDB Contemporary Classic Compact Refrigerator with Lock

Danby DAR044A6DDB

Danby DAR044A6DDB Contemporary Classic Compact Refrigerator with Lock is a miniature version of the conventional fridges. It has incredible storage in comparison to its size.

It offers all the features you can get in any other regular fridge. It has an excellent sleek design so that you can adjust it anywhere. You can have one for your small apartment, a hostel, or small office setup.

It has a width of 20.75 inches, a depth of 21.30 inches, and 33.07 inches in width. It weighs 73.19 pounds. It has an internal capacity of 4.4 cubic feet. You can store upto 124 liters in it. It has a metallic door with a nice shiny grey color.

There is a lock system on your mini-fridge so you can keep your food secured. It has a door handle with a rubber grip. Danby’s patented can store beverage organizers to save your drinks easy to find.

You can keep your fruits and veggies always delicious and crispier inside the see-through salad crisper. This fridge has a glossy all-black interior with a white LED light to make your fridge content illuminate better.

It also has an A+ energy rating which means it can help you save your energy bills. It uses R600a, which is an environment-friendly compressor with good power.

  • Retro-inspired design
  • White LED
  • Salad crisper
  • Integrated door shelving
  • Bottle storage
  • The thermostat can be improved
  • Noisy
  • Cooling must improve


Danby DAR044A6DDB Contemporary Classic Compact Refrigerator with Lock is Danby’s overall stylish, functional under-counter or mini-fridge. It can be a great addition to any family’s kitchen.

It has everything that you can imagine in a large fridge. You can have a small fridge of your own which stores your drinks, food and even vegetables and fruits.

Buying Guide

Mini Fridge with Lock Guide

It might seem that all the mini-fridge out there are the same, but they are not. There are many different options out there out of which you have to choose the one which is most suitable for you. You don’t need to worry. Here I have a perfect guide that features everything you need to check before buying any mini-fridge.


There are many different mini-fridges of different sizes and shapes and are made up of other materials. There are a few mini-fridge that have all the specifications that a large fridge has but are smaller than normal. These types of sizes are suitable for small apartments.

Few fridges are required for small spaces such as officers and hotels so you can choose them. Then there are a few 12 inches in height and can be placed inside a cabinet or a countertop. There are also a few tiny fridges with handles that you can take with you on road trips and put your beauty products.


As discussed earlier, not all are the same. The mini fridge can come in many different styles. You should select the one most suitable for you depending upon the use. Each style has its own specifications, so you should think twice before choosing and keep the purpose in your mind. The following are the different styles of mini-fridges out there.

  • Refrigerators are the ones that have one cabinet and are only used for keeping your food fresh and cool. There is no freezing cabinet in it.
  • Refrigerators with freezers are the best option if you don’t have a regular conventional fridge. It can take care of all of your needs.
  • A refrigerator with a microwave is most suitable with one-room apartments or a hostel with no or single counter kitchen. It has a fridge along with a microwave. So, we can say that it can take care of all the needs to make your food warm and keep it fresh.
  • Beverage Centers are best if you just want to have a stock of drinks during summer in your room. It is the best option. They have shelves especially designed for you to keep your cans and bottles. These don’t have the ability to hold fruits or veggies crisp or fresh.

Cooling System and Thermostat

Mini Fridge Thermostat

Your mini fridge must have a powerful compressor to cool correctly the things that are kept in them. There are many environment-friendly compressors out there that you can choose from.

If a mini fridge has a thermostat that can be controlled manually, it will be easy for you to adjust it according to the food you have kept in it.

Energy Consumption

Many mini-fridges have very low energy consumption and require little power to function. Such mini-fridges are not only good for the environment but also for your electricity bills.

Few mini-fridges require even less energy than a bulb. Many mini-fridges require 215kWh per year, which is low energy consumption for a cooling device.

These are all the things that you need to keep in mind before buying a new mini fridge because if you don’t have enough space for it or if it is not suitable for the things you need to store, this can be an issue.

I hope this buying guide has clarified what you need to check before buying a mini-fridge. This guide will give you more insight into mini-fridge, and you can choose the best for you.


Can you put a lock on a mini-fridge?

Many brands out there make a mini-fridge with locks for additional support. But if you don’t have one with a lock, children will find it easy to open these mini-fridges and create a mess. You can even buy and add a lock system for your fridge. There are many lock systems that you can add to your fridge.

Which brand of mini-fridge is best?

Many different brands make different products with different sizes and different and different features. It is hard to find the best, but we can assure you that some leading brands such as GE, Magic Chef, Frigidaire, Galanz, Danby, Sunpentown, Whynter, and Haier have the best range of mini-fridges.

Are mini-fridges worth it?

Yes, a mini-fridge can help people who live in small spaces and don’t have a spare room for a large fridge. These can truly help people to store their food without occupying much space.


Mini-fridge is essential in this age where life is fast and new home gadgets are being introduced every day. We need to keep a few things compact to make space for things around us.

There are so many different configurations and sizes, so it can be tricky to decide which is the best mini fridge for you. So, if you are interested in buying one, we can help you with some of the best in business.

  • WHYNTER CUF 110B Energy star 1.1 Cubic Feet Upright Lock Freezer is known for its energy efficiency, sleek design, cooling system, and low noise level.
  • Sunpentown UF-114SS 1.1 cu.ft. Upright Freezer with Automatic thermostat control, manual defrost, stylish design, Compact size, and Energy star certificate is the most demanding mini fridge out there.

Fridges are one of those bare necessities that everyone has to have in their lives. More and more people are looking for small fridges.

These small mini-fridges are suitable for people who live alone or have less space. These mini-fridges can do the job for you and your family. They are smaller in size but do the same as what a regular fridge can do. So, what are you waiting for? Go and grab yours now.